Nathealthsolutions is a proudly Australian family owned business and has been operating for 10 years. It is the worldwide distributor of BergaMet products, which are regarded as the best quality natural products available.

We formulate to a quality not a price

BergaMet: Naturally Sourced for Cardiovascular, Liver and Immune Support.

Naturally Sourced for Cardiovascular, Liver and Immune Support.

How can BergaMet Help Me?

BergaMet is a naturally sourced supplement made from the rare Calabrian Italian Bergamot fruit. BergaMet is specifically formulated for those who are interested in supporting and maintaining their cardiovascular health, liver health and healthy blood glucose.

BergaMet is formulated to a quality, not a price.

17 Clinical studies to date.

BergaMet Benefits

BergaMet contains 43% BPF (bergamot polyphenolic extract) or greater. Four of our five products contain 47% BPF. Leading professionals in their fields continuously research and improve BergaMot products. With its multitude of health benefits, BergaMet is used and recommended tens of thousands customers all over the world. There is no better endorsement for a health supplement than from those who use and recommend it.

BergaMet Products

Every BergaMet product contains Bergamot Polyphenolic Fraction (BPF), the key citrus bergamot extract that supports cardiovascular health. We then add key ingredients formulated to address specific health symptoms and wellness needs.

BergaMet SPORT is now world accredited by NATA, which tests for 200 banned substances

Click here to see a list of frequently asked questions that have been answered by our BergaMet Medical Team.   Please feel free to contact us on 1 300 977 889 if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Information for Customers

BergaMet products are the only ones that faithfully follow the dose and the highest concentration of Bergamot extract used and recommended in all the recent clinical studies.

BergaMet products are the only ones approved by the Accademia del Bergamotto, the historical body of all the growers.

“There is no substitute for quality”.

Proudly family owned Australian company and all products are manufactured in Australia using the highest quality ingredients.

  • All BergaMet products have a concentration of BPF 43%-47%.
  • Our products contain the patented Italian citrus Bergamot extract (BPF)
  • BergaMet products contain the recommended daily dose.
  • Naturally sourced
  • Clinical studies and research are ongoing
  • Formulated to a quality not a price
  • Used and recommended by thousands of satisfied customers
  • Testimonials from real customers with real results.