Professor Giorgio Calabrese Reveals Powerful Health Benefits of BergaMet for Juventus Footballers

REGGIO CALABRIA, August 3, 2015

Professor Giorgio Calabrese Reveals Powerful Health Benefits of BergaMet for Juventus Footballers

Renowned Team Nutritionist Explains the Value of BergaMet Toward Juve Team Success at Academy of Bergamotto

REGGIO CALABRIA, August 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — During a June 2015 conference at the prestigious Academy of Bergamotto, esteemed nutritionist Professor Giorgio Calabrese explained the significant health benefits of a proprietary nutritional supplement comprised of 45% citrus bergamot extract (BergaMet/Nathealthsolutions) for players on the legendary Juventus football team over the past 12 months. Juventus, the runnerup in this year’s Champions League incorporated Bergamet into their dietary and fitness program during their past season with demonstrably positive results.

Professor Calabrese, who also serves as a consultant nutritionist to the Italian National Olympic Committee focused his remarks on the specific beneficial effects of the unique polyphenols in BergaMet on muscle strength and recovery from injury. The professor’s announcement and discussion at the Academy of positive team experiences with the bergamot derived product was promptly reported in the Chronicle of Reggio.

BergaMet is a highly concentrated proprietary extract from the calabrian citrus bergamot fruit, endemic to Reggio di Calabria.  It has been prescribed to 1000s of individuals by physicians in several countries while many more proactive citizens have purchased BergaMet directly. Over the past few years, a substantial research effort led by a team of international scientists directed by Professor Vincenzo Mollace of the University of Catanzaro has contributed to the current understanding of the role and mechanisms of action of bergamot polyphenols.  A wide variety of significant benefits focused on cardiovascular and metabolic health have been reported by the group. Frequent publications in prestigious journals and presentations at worldwide congresses have revealed striking effects of BergaMet on cardiovascular, metabolic and vascular health.  Additional research has illuminated the role of bergamot polyphenols in a wide variety of other health issues: ranging from inflammation and tissue aging to atherosclerotic plaque formation to the protection of heart muscle from toxic drugs.

Professor Calabrese, who also serves as the vice president of the National Institute of Research on Food and Nutrition. He believes the Juventus experience could translate to a great potential for improving the health of athletes worldwide.  He explained that BergaMet possesses terpenes that are antioxidants which invigorate muscles and delay ageing.  He also reported that Juve players had less muscle type injuries this past season when using the compound.

The scientific basis for the professor’s report is beginning to emerge from numerous human and animal studies linking polyphenols to skeletal muscle function, endurance capacity and mitochondrial health. There is now evidence that supplementation with certain types of polyphenols can attenuate loss of muscle force, exercise-induced muscle damage and oxidative stress biomarkers.   Research demonstrating the ability of polyphenols (e.g.,catechins) to modulate exercise performance (e.g. improve time to exhaustion of muscle) has been mounting.

Consistent with Professor Calabrese’s report on BergaMet’s ability to promote recovery from injury in footballers, available literature suggests that polyphenols can also provide protection against exercise-induced muscle damage and oxidative stress thanks to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ageing is associated with skeletal muscle impairment primarily because of mitochondrial dysfunction secondary to oxidative stress. Bergamot polyphenols are potent modulators of oxidative stress and may indeed prevent the age-related decline of mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle in individuals regardless of fitness level.

Dr. James Ehrlich received the ambassador of research award from the Academy of Bergamotto in 2013. According to Ehrlich, “Professor Calabrese’s clear report on the benefits of the product for professional players may usher renewed research efforts by our team to investigate the effect of BergaMet on muscle function and recovery from injury in both the athlete and ‘weekend warrior’. The renowned nutritionist’s comments about muscle ageing are particularly important for all individuals, regardless of fitness.”

BergaMet, licensed exclusively to Nathealthsolutions has the highest concentration of polyphenols and remains the only commercial supplement approved by the Academy of Bergamotto.