Protect your immunity
system with BergaMet Pro +.

Please be advised that BergaMet Pro + has an extremely high antioxidant count and also a unique combination of polyphenols (plant chemicals) in large quantities to support your immunity system.

Antioxidant nutrients have an immune function exhibiting an important protective role in infections caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. As a result, dietary antioxidants have been related to modulate the host susceptibility or resistance to infectious pathogens

Polyphenols, are one of many categories of natural substances, that exhibit a range of biological activities. Polyphenols promote immunity to foreign pathogens via various pathways. Different immune cells express multiple types of polyphenol receptors that recognise and allow cellular uptake of polyphenols, which subsequently activate signalling pathways to initiate immune responses.

What is a pathogen?

A pathogen is defined as an organism causing disease to its host, with the severity of the disease symptoms referred to as virulence. Pathogens are taxonomically widely diverse and comprise viruses and bacteria. Every living organism is affected by pathogens, including bacteria, which are targeted by specialized viruses called phages, such as SARS and Coronavirus.