To our valued customers

Please see a response to the Retraction we have to display on our website for 120 days. As you can see we find the ruling unfair and unjust especially as you can’t appeal their decision.

Our Client acknowledges the Panel’s determination dated 31 July, 2017 and considers it harsh and unjust.  The panel led by you has delivered a contemptuous and summary dismissal of every single piece of evidence or fact put before it, both on this and previous occasions.

1: It is apparent that competitors lodged anonymous complaints to the TGA to try and break our large share of the market .

2: We were advised that we aren’t able to say we have the highest quality and larger dose than any other Bergamot product on the market, although we provided substantial evidence but they chose to ignore it.

3: We showed comparisons with other two competitors products in Australia which proved that our products are clearly higher quality products. They deliberately don’t list the % of polyphenols which shows the quality of the extract.

4: They stated that two competitors were larger companies than ours so they were more believably. Dismissal of attempts to inform the public about strength and dosage of BPF protects those who deliberately seek to mislead

5: No other Bergamot product available in the world matches the dosage or quality offered by BergaMet.

Please see a spreadsheet we forwarded to them stating recent studies highlighting dose and purity.

Quoted to highlight the fact that all studies conducted since 2014 have used 650mgs twice per day at a minimum of 38% BPF, no other Bergamot product offers this quality or dosage.

  • 650 mgs @ 47% twice per day: The effect of bergamot polyphenolic fraction in patients with non alcoholic liver steato-hepatitis and metabolic syndrome – PharmaNutrition Vol 4 Supplement Oct 2016 S27-32
  • 650 mgs @ 38% twice per day: The Effect of Bergamot-Derived Polyphenolic Fraction on LDL Small Dense Particles and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome  – ABC Vol 4 No 2 April 2014
  •  500 mgs @ 38% twice per day: Bergamot polyphenolic fraction enhances rosuvastatin-induced effect on LDL-cholesterol, LOX-1 expression and protein kinase B phosphorylation in patients with hyperlipidemia. Int Journal Cardiology 170 (2) Dec 10 2013
  • 750 mgs @ 38% twice per day: Use of a novel and natural antioxidant compound in the management of statine intolerance,  European Heart Journal Vol 34, Issue Suppl 1 August 2013 P2539
  • 650 mgs @ 47% twice per day: Bergamot polyphenolic fraction counteracts erectile dysfunction occurring in patients suffering from type 2 diabetes,  PharmaNutrition Vol 4 Supplement Oct 2016 Pages S41-46
Comparison of Bergamot products in Australia and the USA Bergamot products in Australia and the USA
Country Product Name Dose % Polyphenols
Australia Bergamot Cholesterol Pro 500mg Not listed
Australia Bergamot Cholesterol Care 250mg? Not listed
USA Bergamonte Ultimate 500mg 30%
USA Citricholess 250mg Not listed
USA Dr Sinatra Adv Cholesterol 500mg 30%
USA Reservage Bergamot chol 500mg 30%
USA Cholest Protect 500mg Not listed
USA Dr Whitaker Bergamot 500mg 30%
USA Jarrows Citrus Bergamot 500mg Not Listed
USA Cholesterol Pro 500mg 25%
Australia BergaMet Pro + 650mg 47%
Australia BergaMet Mega + O 600mg 43%
USA BergaMet Pro + 650mg 47%
USA BergaMet Mega + O 600mg 43%

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Worldwide distributor of BergaMet Products