Scientific Studies Prove BergaMet TM to be the Most Effective Bergamot Product as profiled in WSJ story

DENVER, Feb. 2, 2015

Scientific Studies Prove BergaMet TM to be the Most Effective Bergamot Product as profiled in WSJ story

DENVER, Feb. 2, 2015 — A recent Wall Street Journal health reporter’s investigation into the clinical effectiveness of extracts of the Calabrian bergamot fruit revealed a striking fact clearly stated in the article—only the high dose, high concentration brand BergaMet (38% Bergamot Polyphenol fraction/BPF) has been validated as effective in recent research studies conducted by the lead scientists studying the citrus extract. Other products containing any other  bergamot extract are inferior in quality and appear to be less effective.

The WSJ story cited research led by Professor Vincenzo Mollace of the University of Catanzaro demonstrating the effectiveness of BergaMet to improve all lipoprotein particles while lowering blood sugar and dangerous abdominal fat. The Journal also quoted groundbreaking published research demonstrating that a combination of BergaMet™ with a statin allows a physician to lower the dose of the drug while achieving better cholesterol levels and improving overall metabolism and vessel health. Recent peer reviewed research published in the International journal of Cardiology and the Journal of Metabolic Syndrome revealed that BergaMet (38% BPF) causes striking decreases of all risk factors (waistline circumference, blood pressure, bad cholesterol, triglycerides and

blood sugar) involved with the metabolic syndrome…a dangerous condition currently affecting 35% of Americans.

Professor Mollace states “My current research is only conducted using an extract containing Bergamot Polyphenols (38% or higher BPF Extract) from a particular region in Calabria, Italy. According to Mollace “There are certain requirements needed in a bergamot product. These are (1) a minimum of 38% polyphenols and (2) the right dosing schedule for treating high cholesterol of1200-1500 mg/day.” According to Mollace, “The only commercial product that meets these requirements and is approved by the Academy of Bergamotto is BergaMet licensed exclusively to Nathealthsolutions.”

At the 2014 annual meeting of the American College of Gastroenterologists, Dr. James Ehrlich presented data proving that BergaMet™ significantly improved liver structure and function in patients with both metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease. The study involved authors from 3 continents and was published in Advances in Biological Chemistry. According to Dr. Ehrlich (recipient of the “ambassador of research award” by the Academy of Bergamotto), “BergaMet’s effect on this potentially dangerous liver condition is unmatched by any drug or supplement. Recognizing the credibility associated with FDA approval, Ehrlich continues “since there are no drugs approved for the epidemic of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and our results with BergaMet™ are so important, we are planning to proceed through rigorous FDA trials to create a drug from our patented extract of bergamot.”

The Wall Street Journal article stated “BergaMet Mega from Australia’s Nathealthsolutions is formulated to have the same potency of flavonoids as used in Dr. Mollace’s studies” and concludes “Dr. Mollace confirmed that BergaMet has the same concentration of flavonoids as the extract he studied.”

“Millions of euros have been invested to develop an advanced laboratory to study bergamot, to support several scientists, to present new research at international conferences and to conduct and complete numerous animal and human studies in this project” according to Dr. Ehrlich. “Frankly, I am concerned that the weaker bergamot products will hurt the reputation of the product if physicians and individuals get disappointing results in their laboratory tests, We clinicians expect reliable results so I understand why so many physicians are now recommending BergaMet for statin intolerant patients, those with metabolic syndrome and proactive citizens who want to improve vascular health.

Over the past 4 years, Australian cardiologist Dr. Ross Walker has treated over 4000 patients with BergaMet™ while co-authoring numerous studies. According to Walker “I have only used BergaMet….in fact, I have been taking it myself for 4 years.” It has been so gratifying to witness 1000s of my patients getting superb results. So many of my patients get side effects from drugs or prefer a more natural approach. I either use BergaMet alone or combine BergaMet with lower dose statins depending on the clinical situation.”

Dr. Walker continues “BergaMet may be the most important nutritional product created in the last 30-50 years. I know of no other supplement or drug that can match its value in addressing so many risk factors contributing to heart disease and diabetes”.

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